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About Mountain Grown

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High altitude conditions are superior for growing hemp. A scientific study ( MDPI March 2020) found that levels of cannabinoids, terpenes and cannaflavones are superior in hemp grown at high altitudes.

Ours is a mountain farm in the truest sense, being approx. 950 feet above sea level. Yet, it enjoys sheltered south facing slopes which are ideal for growing the “ Finola Savita” variety of hemp which is grown here to produce our “Mountain Grown” CBD oil.

Much of the land on this farm hasn’t been cultivated in 60 years, and has never been sprayed with any type of chemical. Mountain goats roam freely in the nearby forestry areas and occasionally wander onto our farm.

We currently have a herd of 18 Kerry cows, they’re suited to the environment here, and we like to do our bit to keep the breed alive. We also keep commercial cattle, and this year we welcomed new-born calves from the Speckle Park bull introduced last year.


Local Area


The wild goat is a visitor to the farm a few times a year and is part of a flock of ten.


Kerry cow is one of eighteen on the farm and is a rare breed of cattle.

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